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Wooden Eye: Corduroy Road CD cover

Wooden Eye CD digipack photo

The Brief

Wooden Eye has garnered praise for its seamless blend of blues, rock ‘n’ roll, folk, and country since the release of its debut Don’t Ask in the summer of 2008. The band needed a package design for its most recent CD, Corduroy Road. The design needed to reflect the dark, swampy sound the band is known for, as well as the subject matter of the title song—a criminal who runs down a corduroy road in the dead of night. (A corduroy road is a swampy dirt road covered with logs laid side by side so that it becomes travel worthy.)

What We Did

In Photoshop, we merged a daytime photo of a corduroy road with the silhouette of a running man’s legs and feet, and turned the photo into a nighttime scene to give it the eeriness the band was looking for.

To add an element of interest, we inserted the definition for a corduroy road onto the CD itself, and put the daytime photo of the road behind the CD. The image on the CD–the legs and feet of the band standing on a dirt road–ties into the legs and feet of the running man on the cover.