Paine Publishing

Branding, Corporate Identity, Websites, Online Magazine

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The Brief

Katie Delahaye Paine has been leading the charge for social and traditional media measurement for three decades. Her latest company, Paine Publishing, is dedicated to providing communications professionals the knowledge they need to measure what matters to their organization. Paine Publishing’s education, training, consulting, print, and digital materials are designed to bring organizations into compliance with published industry standards.

The company sells access to video training courses, digital download materials, books, and in-person workshop training. In addition, corporations and institutions can book Katie Paine for speeches and presentations.

Paine Publishing also publishes an online magazine called The Measurement Advisor. Premium content is available to subscribers at different levels of membership.


What We Did

The company needed branding and identity materials (logo, letterhead, business cards, Powerpoint, marketing collateral, trade show materials, email newsletter), as well as two separate websites–one for the company as a whole; the other for the online magazine. Both sites required a membership platform that incorporated e-commerce transactions through Paypal and Stripe gateways. The sites also had to incorporate Paine Publishing’s branding, but not be so identical as to confuse users, and both had to reflect the company’s sense of both professionalism and fun.

We developed Paine Publishing’s logo, designed corporate identity materials and marketing collateral, and designed and developed the two websites. Because of the need for the two sites and potential additional sites in the future, we set up a WordPress multisite that employees can easily update and maintain.

Paine Publishing business cards

The Measurement Advisor online magazine

Paine Publishing branding identity