Leviathan VPT


Leviathan VPT website

The Brief

Our client, Leviathan VPT, provides Vacuum Process Solutions for manufacturing of electronic, optical, industrial, space and environmental testing, biotechnologies and research. The company has served New England for more than 30 years. Its website was outdated and in sore need of redesign and redevelopment. Given that Leviathan serves high-tech companies, it was paramount that its web presence meet WC3 standards and reflect an up-to-date image. The company wanted to keep maintenance and content updating in house, so we recommended a WordPress site that was mobile responsive.


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What We Did

Utilizing Leviathan’s branding colors and logo, we built a cleanly designed, conservative WordPress site that connotes a high-tech image for its customer base. Since Leviathan acts as a distributor and representative for various vacuum technology products, we incorporated a home page slide show of the companies and products it represents. This gives users a quick glance of what products are offered and allows them to dig deeper should they choose to do so. The vendors’ logos are incorporated throughout the site as well, with links to individual sites with more information so they can be easily accessed at any time.