Frame from a Bad Movie

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Frame from a Bad Movie by Brett Hartenbach, CD cover

Frame from a Bad Movie by Brett Hartenbach, inside packaging and CD labels

The Brief

Brett Hartenbach, a highly talented acoustic guitarist, singer/songwriter, and music producer, needed a design for a compilation of his original material. Brett has toured around the world and wanted a CD package that would help him stand out–he left the art direction entirely up to us. Brett chose an environmentally friendly digi-pak format for the CD packaging, and we were to work directly with the printer and replicator to make sure specs were correct.

What We Did

Because the CD’s title–Frame from a Bad Movie–was so evocative, we decided to “go for it” and take the metaphor as far as we could. Brett’s music is also known to be emotionally evocative as well, so there were many moods to incorporate. We created graphics in both Illustrator and Photoshop and used photos and stills from lesser known B movies and movie posters. The CD cover connotes the dark moods of some of Brett’s songs but also incorporates a bright red exclamation mark for contrast, and the back reflects his lighter side; we based the graphics on the old horror movie poster concept. The inside packaging utilizes the concept of film frames, and the CD label is taken from the cover.

Brett was extremely pleased with the quality of the graphics and design.